How Do They Get Cars In The Mall – 5 Possible Ways To Enter!

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How do they get cars in the mall? It may seem like a complicated process, but it is quite simple! Cars are delivered to the mall via flatbed truck and the store’s team.

Inside the mall, ramps or elevators are used to move them to their desired destination. With efficient planning and skills, cars can be safely brought into any mall within a few hours.

How Do They Get Cars In The Mall – 5 Ways

How do cars get in the mall? The answer is quite simple yet fascinating – they go through the wall!

Craftily tucked away in the 2-meter wide wall is a ramp that appears to be no more than just a regular exterior feature. However, few people realize cars can easily pass through this clever entryway.

Before doing so, the car must be closely inspected for any defects and to see if any modifications are necessary for it to fit within the confines of the passageway.

Upon passing the inspection with excellent results, a competent attendant will drive your car to the mall’s back and subsequently put it on showroom floors either manually or mechanically.

Isn’t it astonishing how cars can be transported into malls? It’s so cool. But that’s not all; there are multiple ways of getting cars in the mall. Let’s have a look!

1. Drive The Car Through The Door:

Cars are driven through a special door that leads to the mall’s interior. The doors are large enough for cars to fit through and have a solid steel structure to protect against damage.

How Do They Get Cars In The Mall - 5 Ways

How the cars make it from their delivery truck all the way in front of the store is truly a marvel of modern engineering and logistics.

The process starts with specially-designed trailers that can transport even the largest vehicles up to the door.

From there, experienced drivers bring them into the mall, making sure that nothing breaks during this tricky operation!

Driving the car through the door may sound simple, but watch out: it takes professional know-how and a bit of luck.

2. Remove Part Of The Roof And Drive It In That Way:

Removing parts of the roof and driving them in is surprisingly commonplace to transport cars into indoor spaces.

Removing panels or entire roof sections allows even the largest cars to fit through conventional door frames and into your building.

The rooftop pieces are easily reassembled upon entry, so you won’t have to worry about putting them back together yourself.

This method requires extensive pre-planning since structural reinforcements usually have to be made before it is attempted.

As surprising as it may seem, this method is often employed for vehicles too large to fit through conventional methods such as rolling up ramps or hoisting through open windows.

3. Hoist It Up With A Crane:

How do they get cars up to the top floor of a shopping mall? How about a giant crane?

Cranes are special machines with lifting capabilities ideal for lifting and maneuvering heavy objects such as loaded containers and vehicles.

For this reason, businesses like car dealerships often use cranes to hoist large cars up high into the air and secure them in place.

Depending on the strength of the machine, a giant crane can lift thousands of pounds at a time—high enough for it to travel through double-story malls and drop off its goods.

It’s an impressive job that requires precision, skill, and skillful maneuvering!

4. Put It On A Truck And Drive It In That Way:

Many people are curious about “how do they get cars in the mall?” So how does this seemingly impossible feat happen? The answer is simple: put it on a truck and drive it that way!

Put It On A Truck And Drive It In That Way

It usually takes an experienced driver and a large and sturdy truck to ensure that the car is safely transported inside.

This method of transportation allows for space efficiency, with cars being loaded directly onto the flatbed of a truck.

Furthermore, car dealers can opt for having their vehicles lifted from the trucks using cranes or forklifts such that more than one vehicle can be transported inside malls at once.

By leveraging these transportation methods, car dealers can easily bring their fleets indoors.

5. Use A Zip Line To Lower It Into Place:

Using a zip line to lower cars into place is a surprisingly simple solution. So how do they get cars in the mall, you may ask?

Instead of striving to carry your heavy car up multiple stories or through cramped doorways, use a different zip line. It’s the perfect solution!

This method allows several team members to easily attach the car to the wire and gently lower it from above.

It’s a fast, efficient way to transport bulky items from high places and can even be used in a location with limited space or tight corners.

Zip lines aren’t just for carrying objects much larger than ourselves but for safely maneuvering vehicles of any size into place too!

Why Do They Get Cars In The Mall?

Many people are surprised when they see a car being given away in the middle of the mall, but there’s a very good reason why this happens so often.

It’s all an effort to attract more people and boost those shopping center sales.

Even though the giveaway is very tempting and exciting, it serves as just one layer of advertising to help turn those shoppers into real customers.

By giving away something that everybody desires, malls can give their visitors something to talk about with friends or family, creating positive word-of-mouth advertising.

How Do They Get Cars In The Mall

In addition, it serves as a reminder of why people should visit their local mall for shopping opportunities rather than nearby competitors.

For these reasons and more, it makes sense that malls opt for cars in their promotions and promotional events.

 1. Serve As A Marketing Tool For Car Dealerships:

Car dealerships are always looking for innovative ways to market their products, and utilizing malls as a marketing tool is one of the most attractive options.

This allows potential customers to view cars in close proximity and take cars for a test drive right at the dealership.

Not only is it achievable without the overhead costs of having a physical showroom, but it’s also more cost-effective.

That’s why car dealerships get cars in the mall – they effectively reach venues with the highest traffic rates, create brand recognition and increase sales possibilities.

2. Add An Extra Level Of Security To The Mall:

Adding an extra layer of security to the mall can help ensure the safety of shoppers, employees, and visitors.

Little do most people know, but cars must pass through a rigorous security stop near the entrance to gain admittance into the mall.

Every vehicle is scanned for potential threats before entering the property.

Upon entering, vehicles are restricted to certain parts of the mall, and all areas are constantly monitored by trained security personnel.

Enhancing the safety protocols of this mall with an extra layer of security provides a sense of assurance for all visitors.

3. Car Shows Are Also A Place:

Car shows are one of the many ways automotive enthusiasts come together and enjoy the hobby.

Typically held in shopping malls or near city centers, these events feature dozens of cars lined up for visitors to explore.

How do they get cars into a mall anyway? Vehicles showcased at car shows can often be driven onto a flatbed trailer, so they can enter normally restricted areas of the mall or event venue.

Guests have the opportunity to admire modified cars, gleaming classics, and some of the newest models fresh off their production line.

Car Shows Are Also A Place

Car owners can connect and share knowledge, from best practices to engine modifications and restoration projects to sourcing parts.

This creates a special chance for enthusiasts of all things car-related to make meaningful connections based on their shared passion!

Important Factors When Getting Cars In The Mall

Shoppers at the mall don’t often think about how the cars on display get there, but getting them into the mall is an important factor for car exhibitions.

To provide a reliable and secure delivery of vehicles to the mall, car dealerships utilize an amalgamation of trucking and rail transport from their source.

Depending on the size of their delivery space, they may require larger machinery to move them into place if it’s too small for a double door or elevator opening.

Promptness is a game-changing factor when selecting how to deliver vehicles and what kind of transportation to utilize.

All these considerations are key when deciding on what solutions are best for bringing cars into the mall.


To conclude, it is clear that there are various ways for cars to move around in a mall. For example, loading doors and ramps are two common methods of delivering goods to malls.

Each has its respective benefits and drawbacks; however, one is usually more suitable depending on the size and demands of a particular mall.

How do they get cars in the mall? The solution is simple and relies on collaborative planning between managers and delivery crews.

By meticulously arranging timetables and utilizing either portable short-term lifts or permanent hoists, cars can be swiftly transported to upper floors at high speed with maximum safety.

This way, retailers can ensure efficient operations while limiting disruption to customers. 

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