Keyless Start System Problem In Honda Pilot: Causes & Fixes!

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The keyless start system problem in Honda Pilot has become a common thing. The vehicle is supposed to start when you press a button, but sometimes the key fob doesn’t work correctly.

Honda needs to make their keyless start system better. It takes a lot of time and works to get it working again. In addition, they need to ensure it works so customers can trust the technology.

Keyless Start System Problem In Honda Pilot

Honda released keyless start systems in many popular models, such as the Pilot.

However, there were keyless start system problems in these vehicles that had safety implications for drivers and pedestrians.

The keyless start system lets you turn on and off your car with a key fob. But if the key fob is nearby but not close enough to the engine, it can drain your car’s battery.

Keyless Start System Problem In Honda Pilot

This issue can leave drivers stranded with key fobs that don’t work and exposes their keyless technology vulnerabilities.

Until recently, Honda wasn’t offering solutions other than completely replacing key fobs or expensive repairs to remedy this issue.

Honda has advised helping technicians fix keyless entry/start systems that are not working. They have also told people what to do in the future, so this doesn’t happen again.

Common Causes Of The Keyless Start System Problem

The keyless start system is quite a handy tool that allows us to unlock our car without using the key, which can often be a hassle.

Unfortunately, keyless start systems are not immune from problems.

Common causes of keyless start system failures include an old key fob battery, blocked sensors, incorrect key placement, and faulty key fob buttons.

A key fob battery may need replacing if it’s not holding its charge or has stopped working.

Blockages such as dirt and debris near the locks can also prevent the detector inside the lock from reading your key signal, thus preventing your car from starting.

If your key is placed incorrectly while trying to start the engine, problems might also arise.

The key fob can also cause problems with your car’s keyless start system. If the switch or circuits inside the key fob are broken, it may stop you from getting in and out of your car.

1. Defective Battery:

If your keyless start system isn’t working, you should consider that it could be due to a defective battery.

This can happen even if the battery isn’t completely dead and has enough charge to turn on other equipment in your car.

Keyless start systems send messages between the key fob and your car. Unfortunately, if the battery is weak or broken, it might not be powerful enough to keep sending messages.

So when diagnosing keyless start system problems, checking the key fob battery is a great place to start!

2. Faulty Starter Motor:

If you have problems with your keyless start system, it could be a faulty starter motor.

Faulty Starter Motor

The starter motor turns the engine over when the keyless start system is activated. The keyless start system won’t work without a properly functioning starter motor.

When diagnosing keyless start problems, testing the starter motor and ensuring it functions correctly before making any other repairs or adjustments is important.

If your car is making grinding noises, taking a long time to start, or you smell something strange in the engine area, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Taking care of this problem right away can save you time and money in the long run!

3. Faulty Brake Pedal Switch:

Malfunctioning brake pedal switches are sometimes to blame for keyless start system issues.

The keyless start system requires a stable voltage supply to work correctly, but the voltage supplied may be faulty if the brake pedal switch is not properly operating.

This can cause intermittent or complete failure of keyless start systems, meaning people may have difficulty starting their vehicles without a key.

While this is not an overly complicated remedy, it is important to check and repair the brake pedal switch if you experience keyless start system problems on your vehicle.

4. Malfunctioning Ignition Lock Assembly:

The malfunctioning ignition lock assembly is a key issue regarding keyless start system problems.

This part of the car is integral, as it translates key fob commands into action within the vehicle.

Issues such as power interruption and general wear over time can cause start system problems, making it much more difficult to get your car running.

If keyless start system problems arise due to a malfunctioning ignition lock assembly, it’s best to consult an expert to ensure your car starts again without further incident.

How To Fix The Keyless Start System Problem In Honda Pilot ?

The keyless start system problem in Honda Pilot is a major cause of frustration for many owners and must be fixed immediately.

This malfunction can cause the key fob to stop working, resulting in keyless entry and ignition not working.

If left unresolved, this issue could lead to an emergency where the driver is stranded and cannot access their vehicle easily.

Moreover, suppose people are unable to use keyless entry and ignition.

In that case, they may have to risk losing keys or leaving them in a vulnerable area which can lead to other security concerns.

Fixing the keyless start system problem is important for convenience and comfort and could save lives by enabling safer access to Honda Pilot vehicles.

Keyless Start System Problem

Here are some top solutions to consider to fix the problem at hand.

1. Check Battery Voltage And Charge:

If your keyless start system isn’t working in your Honda Pilot, one of the first things to do is check the battery voltage. Why? Because the keyless start system relies on a strong battery to power it.

So, if you have a weak or drained battery, chances are that this is causing the keyless start system problem.

Be sure to use an accurate digital multimeter to read at least 18 volts when testing voltage.

Once you’ve determined the battery is low or drained, it’s time to charge it until you get a fully charged reading on your digital multimeter.

Doing so will almost certainly fix any keyless start system problem and help ensure your Honda Pilot fires up properly every time!

2. Test Starter Motor For Proper Output Voltage:

Fixing the keyless start system in a Honda Pilot can be tricky. First, test the starter motor to see if it gives off the right amount of electricity. This might help solve the problem.

The output voltage is important to check if your Pilot’s starter motor is healthy. A multimeter can measure the voltage of your starter motor so you can tell if something is wrong.

Replacing or repairing your keyless start system is strongly advised if desired readings are not achieved.

Identifying and addressing keyless start problems via output voltage will ensure that you can use your Honda Pilot’s keyless start system functions as expected.

3. Clean Or Replace Any Damaged Components:

If you have keyless start system issues with your Honda Pilot, you may need to look into replacing or cleaning any damaged components.

A keyless start system problem can be caused by dirt, dust, and grime buildup on key components, making you need to clean them regularly.

Clean Or Replace Any Damaged Components

However, if these key components are to worn down or burned out, they may need to be replaced to recognize the keyless start signal and turn over the engine.

Don’t let keyless start system problems stop your fun in the Honda Pilot- clean and replace any damaged components as needed!

4. Get A New Key Fob:

When keyless start system issues arise, your first step should be to get a new key fob or receiver unit from an authorized Honda dealership.

A key fob is designed to unlock and start your vehicle without needing a key, while a receiver unit allows the key fob signal to enter your car’s system.

Both of these tools play important roles in ensuring that keyless systems run smoothly, so if you’re experiencing problems with yours, it’s likely time to switch them out for new units.

Doing so can prevent further hassles down the line and help to restore the convenience of keyless entry.

Tips for Avoiding Further Problems with the Keyless Start System in Honda Pilot 

The keyless start system in Honda Pilot is designed for convenience and ease of use, but it can present problems if not maintained correctly.

To ensure your keyless start system works correctly, always check that your key fob has the correct amount of power and that the battery isn’t dead.

If you use an aftermarket key fob, read its instructions thoroughly to ensure it’s compatible with your keyless start system.

You can avoid further trouble with your keyless start system by watching for potential aftermarket key Fob issues.

Additionally, check your Honda Pilot regularly for any issues with wiring or connections about the keyless start system.

Catching any such issues as soon as possible can prevent them from worsening and cost even more money to repair later.


The keyless start system in the Honda Pilot has been known to cause problems for drivers.

These issues typically involve not being able to unlock the door or key fob batteries draining quickly remotely.

To fix keyless entry issues, first, check if the key battery is working and replace it if needed.

Also, check if any keyfobs or phones are too close to each other, as they can interfere with the signal.

If your keyfob isn’t working, you might need to reprogram it. If it still doesn’t work, take your Honda Pilot to a mechanic to get help fixing the keyless start issue.

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