P1516 Code – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms And How To Fix?

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The P1516 code in your car can be a cause for serious concern, as it indicates that there may be an issue with the throttle body or related components.

Also, if you have any problems with your car accelerating or responding while driving, you should talk to a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

What Does The P1516 Code Mean On Your Car’s Dashboard Display?

The P1516 code on your car’s dashboard display indicates a Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) system malfunction.

This technical failure limits the accelerator pedal input of the car, thus resulting in diminished overall performance.

Even if your vehicle’s functioning, it is important to bring it in for servicing soon by a certified technician since symptoms can worsen over time and lead to further issues.

To diagnose the problem more precisely, the mechanic may need to assess engine and transmission parameters and replace any faulty components.

Having your car serviced can help prevent more expensive repairs down the line and keep your family safe on their travels.

Causes Of The P1516 Code

The P1516 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) typically associated with modern vehicles. It generally indicates an issue in the vehicle’s Electronic Throttle Control system.

If the throttle actuator control module malfunctions, an error message will be displayed to alert you.

Causes Of The P1516 Code

Malfunctioning electrical systems can typically be attributed to faulty connections between components, damaged wires, or other underlying issues.

Malfunctioning throttle body sensors or connectors may cause this DTC to be triggered. The issue may be caused by an ECU failure or a battery voltage issue.

To accurately diagnose and repair this problem, it is important to consider all potential causes and properly test any affected components and sensors before repairs are completed.

Some major causes are discussed below to help you identify on the time.

1. Faulty Catalytic Converter:

The P1516 code is an indication that something is wrong with the catalytic converter of your car’s engine.

As a key component of the emissions reduction system, any fault with the catalytic converter can seriously impact overall vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Commonly, when this code pops up, it indicates that the converter has become clogged or fails to reduce emissions properly.

It’s vital to pinpoint the exact source of this code if you stumble upon it before attempting any repairs.

This is because numerous codes can be associated with each other and cause additional issues in different parts.

2. Ignition System Problem:

Ignition system problems can often be the cause behind the appearance of the P1516 code.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) uses this code to identify an issue related to the variable fuel timing actuator control circuit.

This circuit regulates the fuel intake into your engine’s cylinders with each cycle and can be adapted to different demand levels.

When your vehicle becomes deprived of the right amounts of fuel, a P1516 code will be registered in its Powertrain Control Module/PCM.

This alerts you that something is wrong and that further inspection should be done to restore your car’s function.

3. Intake Air System Problem:

If you’re having trouble with your vehicle’s performance and have identified a P1516 code, the underlying issue could be related to the intake air system.

This system controls the temperature, pressure, and density of air entering the engine to ensure optimal combustion.

Malfunctioning parts or a clogged and leaking air intake system can result in trouble codes such as P1516, significantly decreasing engine efficiency and power.

Resolving these issues is necessary to ensure the optimal performance of your car’s functioning components. Also, identifying and addressing the cause will help you avoid further damage.

4. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Problem:

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System problems are a common cause behind the P1516 code.

 The P1516 Code

The EGR system is crucial for optimizing vehicle performance, reducing emissions, and helping to reduce engine temperature.

When this system develops a problem, it can throw off that balance, leading to decreased engine performance and increased emissions.

In turn, the P1516 code will be thrown to indicate that this system is not performing as it should.

It is important to get your car serviced and repair any issue with the EGR system when you notice this code appearing on your dashboard.

5. Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensor (TPS):

Knowing the cause of your vehicle’s P1516 code can help you fix the issue quickly so you can get back on the road.

When a P1516 code is seen, there’s an increased probability that it may be due to an unreliable Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).

Precise readings from the TPS are necessary to ensure that your vehicle’s computer systems can operate at their peak performance level.

If it’s not, it will result in a code indicating that something is wrong with a component in the system.

Fortunately, if you diagnose and replace a faulty TPS, you can expect to see any other symptoms related to this code disappear.

Symptoms Associated With The P1516 Code

When diagnosing engine problems, the P1516 code is one of the most common codes encountered.

Take note if you experience any symptoms, such as reduced acceleration, flickering lights, or lower fuel efficiency.

These signs might mean that there is a bigger problem with your vehicle. If you see any of these signs, take your car to a mechanic immediately. Otherwise, the problem might get worse.

We need to know what is causing the problem to fix it and avoid worsening it. Other issues could be bad wiring, sensors, or something broken.

No matter what is causing the problem, it is important to take care of the issue soon to prevent further damage and keep you and your family safe on the road.

1. Check Engine Light Is On:

A symptom associated with a P1516 code is when your check engine light comes on unexpectedly.

Symptoms Associated With The P1516 Code

When your car is making strange noises, there could be various reasons for it. Before attempting to resolve the issue, make sure you have identified the root cause correctly.

If your car displays such behavior, it’s likely caused by an issue with either the powertrain control module (PCM) or the throttle actuator.

To ensure the issue is properly addressed, take your vehicle immediately to an expert mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

Only a professional can accurately identify and remedy any problems with these components.

2. Vehicle Loses Power And/Or Acceleration:

If your vehicle is exhibiting signs of losing power and/or acceleration, it could be one symptom of the P1516 code. However, this error code can cause various issues with your vehicle.

It typically indicates that there may be an issue with a component related to the throttle system or idle speed control.

Enlisting a professional technician is essential if you want to get to the root of why your car is losing power.

They can recognize which aspects are causing the obstacle and suggest any repairs that must be done to resolve it.

3. Goes Into “Limp Mode”:

One of the most common symptoms of the P1516 code is when a vehicle goes into what is known as “Limp Mode.”

Limp Mode essentially reduces your vehicle’s power and speed capability, meaning it runs at a reduced power output but still allows for basic functioning.

This symptom can be especially dangerous for motorists driving on highways and roads, leading to heightened risks.

It is thus essential to pay extra attention when this situation arises as it could signify that your vehicle has the P1516 code, which requires a diagnostic check-up or repair!

4. Fault Code P1516 Is Thrown:

The P1516 code is an alarming alert that your vehicle has experienced a malfunction.

It might start as a seemingly small issue, but without proper attention and swift action, it could cause more serious problems in the future.

Fault Code P1516 Is Thrown

One symptom of the code being thrown is poorer fuel economy or diminished power performance.

Should you suspect that you are experiencing any of these symptoms due to the P1516 code, it’s best to get it checked out quickly to avoid further car trouble.

How To Fix The P1516 Code In Your Vehicle?

If you’ve recently checked your ‘Diagnostic Trouble Codes’ only to find a P1516 code, don’t worry—this can be easily fixed! 

The P1516 code is an indicator that the Throttle Actuator Control System has malfunctioned and, therefore, your engine’s performance is not up to par.

To fix the P1516 code, it’s best to start by resetting the Throttle Position Sensor.

After that, check connections and wiring related to the computer system and ensure all components are properly aligned.

Finally, update your vehicle’s software to run with updated parameters. With these steps, you should be able to get your vehicle back up and running without further issues!


One of the most common fault codes that can appear in your vehicle is P1516.

An issue generally causes this error with the Throttle Actuator Control System, which controls your engine’s idle speed.

To fix this issue, you must consult a qualified mechanic who can accurately diagnose and repair the problem. 

If prompt action isn’t taken to address the P1516 code, it may reappear or induce more issues with other parts.

Don’t delay – take care of this issue quickly and your vehicle will be back up and running efficiently once again!

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