P2279 Code – Meaning, Symptoms ,Causes And How To Fix It?

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P2279 code points to an issue with the air intake system and insufficient airflow, and it should be addressed to maintain optimal vehicle operation.

Addressing this issue will help protect your engine from further damage and save you significant money in the long run.

What Does The P2279 Code Mean?

P2279 is an OBD-II trouble code that indicates that the system in a car’s engine cannot detect any leakage of incoming air.

The P2279 code may happen because of different reasons. These include damage to the mass airflow sensor, problems with the air filter or hose, a broken DPFE sensor, or a bad PCV hose.

Detecting P2279 requires the use of specialized diagnostic equipment that can be used to determine the exact cause behind it and provide appropriate repairs accordingly.

P2279 can damage your car if you do not fix it right away. This will happen more quickly if you wait to fix it. You should go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Symptoms Of The P2279 Code

P2279 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that indicates a problem with the intake air system.

What Does The P2279 Code Mean?

Unfortunately, when P2279 appears on an OBDII-equipped vehicle, it could be caused by a wide range of potential issues.

Common symptoms include poor engine performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and increased tailpipe emissions.

The P2279 code can also cause rough idling, stalling or start-up failure. Therefore, it is important to try and identify the exact source of this error to solve it correctly.

Understanding the P2279 diagnosis trouble code and its associated symptoms is key to running a safe and reliable vehicle that will remain free from further disturbances.

1. Rough Engine Operation:

One common symptom of P2279 – an engine code that indicates a fault in the intake air system – is rough engine operation.

Do not be alarmed if you find yourself experiencing anything from loud engine noises and movements to shaking or vibration throughout your car.

A P2279 code could be causing this and should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage to your car’s engine or other components.

It is important to figure out the root cause of this fault as soon as possible before it leads to more serious issues and costly repairs down the line.

2. Backfiring From The Exhaust System:

If you notice that your car’s exhaust system is backfiring unexpectedly, this could indicate a P2279 code.

P2279 is a code that means there is a problem with the airflow from the mass airflow sensor.

This problem can cause the engine to have an incorrect air-to-fuel ratio. This means the gas and air are not mixed well, resulting in incomplete combustion.

This can cause backfire noise from the exhaust system and decrease power output.

If you think your car is experiencing P2279 issues, a qualified mechanic must check it out as soon as possible to diagnose what is wrong and how to fix it.

3. Excessively Rich Air-Fuel Mixture:

An excessively rich air-fuel mixture is a common symptom of the P2279 code, which should be addressed immediately.

P2279 code appears when the fuel pressure regulator loses control and no longer regulates the output pressure from the fuel pump.

This can cause extreme fluctuations of both pressure and flow, which results in an overly rich air-fuel ratio for your engine to burn and could ultimately cause damage over time.

As such, if your car’s P2279 code is present, you should consider having it inspected by a professional technician immediately to avoid further potential issues.

4. Malfunctioning Fuel Injectors:

Malfunctioning fuel injectors can result from the P2279 code, which indicates incorrect air flow detected in the crankcase area.

This code will often appear due to a vacuum leak or an issue with the mass airflow sensor.

 Malfunctioning Fuel Injectors

P2279 code can cause the car to go slowly when trying to make it go faster, bad things coming out of the exhaust, the engine not working well, and using more gas.

Diagnosing and addressing the P2279 code as soon as possible is important to prevent any additional damage to your vehicle or the environment.

5. Misfiring Of One Or More Cylinders:

P2279 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicating that one or more of your vehicle’s cylinders misfire.

A problem with the air intake system, injectors, and spark plugs could be to blame.

Depending on the exact cause of a P2279 code, you can usually expect little-to-no power when accelerating or subtle vibrating while idling.

Many things can cause P2279. A service technician who is qualified and experienced will need to look at the problem to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.

Common Problems That Can Cause The P2279 Code

P2279 is a trouble code that appears when the onboard diagnostic system detects a problem with the air intake system.

Common causes of this P2279 code include a vacuum leak or a clogged or blocked hose in the induction piping.

Another potential cause of P2279 could be an airflow sensor that has become corroded due to age and environmental factors such as high humidity or salt air levels.

Common problems that trigger P2279 are sagging intake manifold gaskets or stuck breather valves like EGR or PCV valves.

It’s essential to diagnose and address P2279 issues quickly since it can lead to greater issues if it’s not taken care of right away.

1. Leaking Or Damaged Intake Manifold Gasket:

A P2279 code typically suggests an issue with the intake manifold gasket failing to create a sufficient seal between the engine and its components.

This can cause various issues, including reduced engine performance, as well as other complications that might leave you stranded or stuck in the middle of nowhere.

If this P2279 code is appearing, it’s important to take it seriously and fix the source of the problem: most likely, a leaking or damaged intake manifold gasket.

Without replacing this gasket, these problems will only worsen and put greater strain on your vehicle.

2. Defective Mass Airflow Sensor:

P2279 is a fault code caused by a defective mass airflow sensor, which measures the amount of airflow entering the engine.

If this sensor is worn out or damaged, it can lead to P2279 being triggered.

The P2279 Code Mean

Car owners need to know when the mass airflow sensor is going bad. This way, they can replace it before it causes damage to their car’s performance.

Replacing a mass airflow sensor can help solve P2279 issues and prevent further damage from occurring, allowing your car to run like new again!

3. Faulty Throttle Body:

When a malfunctioning throttle body is observed in your vehicle’s engine, you may be presented with the P2279 code.

If you are experiencing this code, it is most likely due to a broken accelerator pedal or an issue with the wiring harness connecting the throttle body to other parts of your engine.

Before blindly replacing any components, it is best to first check them and investigate what could be the source of P2279.

This can help you avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements that may not even address the issue.

4. Incorrectly Mounted EGR Valve:

If you’re receiving a P2279 code on your vehicle, it could be due to an incorrectly mounted Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve.

The EGR valve recirculates unburned exhaust gas from the combustion chamber back into the engine.

When this isn’t done correctly, it can cause your vehicle to run inefficiently, resulting in the P2279 code appears.

Diagnosis and repair of the P2279 code should involve a professional to ensure all components are checked, including the mounting of the EGR valve.

To ensure your car is functioning at its peak performance, ensure everything is in the right spot!

5. Defective MAP Or MAF Sensor:

The P2279 code is a common error code that a defective MAP or MAF sensor can cause.

These sensors detect air flow and, when they fail, can no longer provide the proper amount of voltage to the engine control module (ECU).

This means that your vehicle is displaying P2279. If this happens, having your MAP or MAF sensor checked is recommended to see if that is the problem.

When identified as the source of P2279, you must replace it with a new one compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

How To Fix The P2279 Code?

P2279 is a trouble code typically triggered by an issue in the intake air system of your engine.

You’ll know it’s P2279 if your check engine light on the dashboard comes on, along with an accompanying message and alert.

How To Fix The P2279 Code?

To fix this code, you should begin with cleaning or replacing the parts of the intake air system that have become dirty, cracked, or damaged over time.

This includes the mass airflow sensor, vacuum hoses, rubber seals and gaskets, and throttle body. If none of these solutions work for P2279, other reasons might exist.

This could include a broken PCM (powertrain control module) or a wiring issue in your engine’s electrical system. Again, you would need electronic diagnostic tools to figure this out.


P2279 is a diagnostic trouble code that could signify an issue with the air intake system on various vehicles.

Since multiple issues can cause the P2279 code, having your car’s air intake system inspected by a qualified mechanic any time this computerized log appears is essential.

Doing so will help ensure that all underlying problems causing P2279 are addressed and ultimately allow you to get your car running properly again.

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